4 years on YouTube - A Reflection

Yesterday on the 8th of January was my YouTube Channel's 4-year anniversary. On the 8th of January 2020, I created the BladeAxe channel, where I would go on to upload my first video just over 4 days later on the 12th of January, titled: Minecraft episode 1 : well lets begin.

At the time I thought the channel would never really get anywhere, and to some extent that is true, It has always been a goal of mine to have a proper YouTube channel with an active community, which I can say was mostly achieved with The Blade Network Minecraft server. In my 4-Year anniversary video (https://youtu.be/QMTb2jqIN1g) I talked about the reason why I was “suspending” TBN, which was the fact that I had simply run out of energy to run it, which is true, but another part of me thinks that I actually spent too long-running TBN and that I should have kept it closed from the last “suspension” as, although it did receive a burst of new players from the TunicMC channel (the other server I created to see if using my new knowledge could make a more profitable, successful and enjoyable server compared with TBN, when inevitably it flopped and nobody joined (yet) from the adverts I had created I gave up and merged it with TBN, of course 3 months later the YouTube Shorts blew up (cumulating over 100,000 views) which is incredibly impressive, and pumping the server to new hights which as I had merged the two serves together ment that TBN had a new renaissance period, but with a completely new audience and player base, which was alright for a while, but I soon realised this new form of TBN was missing the soul of the original, and I began to lose interest in running it.

Currently, my plan with TBN is to build a larger following on YouTube first before re-attempting anything else regarding Minecraft servers, and hopefully with a larger following means monetisation, which means a larger amount of funds to pour into a TBN successor.

In regard to my 6-12 video plan, only time will tell.

(I'd like to reach it though at some point)

And my sub goal of 1500 seems reasonable enough, but last year's goal of 1k by the end of the year would also be great, depending on how the "blindcraft" video turns out.

Anyway, thanks for reading, :)

BladeAxe out.