Second Channel

Introducing Blade_Axe the newest addition to the BladeAxe channel line up, bringing the grand total of channels up to...... TWO.

Yes that's right I have a second channel! (Link to Blade_Axe) Whooooo!!! Initially made on the 4th of February, my first uploads have occured (coincidently on the 4th of April) and the ball is rolling. First uploads were a collection of music i'd had laying around on my computer for ages (nearly 4 years) and I thought I might as well tidy them up and upload them to YouTube, plus in an ancient TBN video of mine I had stated that I would upload the track I used in a resource pack, so it was about time I got that sorted out as well.
If you want further information on each track I wrote a short description for each one which can be found under the videos. (Playlist Link)

Basically this channel will be for anything I feel doesnt meet the """""super high expectations and quality""""" of the main channel. (Wow your such a skilled and high quality youtuber bladeaxe!!!!111!!!1) e.g: Music, Long unedited videos (Yes thats right it means I have fully decided to move over to having edited videos ONLY on the main channel, wowie), literally anything thats not that good but I still want to upload.

Additionally see this as some effort from me to focus more on quality for the BladeAxe channel and have random stuff on the Blade_Axe channel. I might even make a third one for clips or vods or something, but im getting ahead of myself here I have a grand whopping total of 1162 subscribers and nobody reads these posts anyway, so yeah thats the idea anyway crap goes on underscore and good stuff goes on bladeaxe.

Thanks for reading lone viewer!

- BladeAxe Out