Welcome to the BladeAxe Blog!

Hello, BladeAxe here,

I made this blog for the sole reason that I had always wanted to do so, and so I could have my very own "part of the internet" (yes I know very cringe), this website was made using Next.js, Tailwind CSS and Sanity.io for the content management system, I used this tutorial: (YouTube) so in-case you want to build something similar, and i'll make sure to post the finished code on my GitHub when i'm finished. I'm hosting this via vercel incase you were wondering (Vercel is absolutely amazing for anything to do with next.js (probably because they own next.js))

I'll be using this blog to post little updates on various project and "slice of life" stuff, and literally anything else that comes to mind, but frequency might be incredibly random at once a month or 3 times a day. So stay tuned! I'll be most likely using this as a way to announce various things i'm up to but i dont expect many people to be viewing this blog anyway so ill just use this to say more than I can on other platforms. No place is better than home as they say.

Anyway thanks for reading, :)

BladeAxe out.